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About Street Law

The Street Law project aims to help the non-professional public navigate in the complex world of law. The key principle of Street Law is cooperation between a law school and other schools, public institutions and the non-profit sector. The law students supervised by their teachers deliver various seminars and workshops for the public. These are focused not only on the hard knowledge of law, but also on developing skills and values.

Activities organized within the Street Law program are both practical and interactive including such methods as discussions, role playing or simulated court hearings.

We are convinced that both the law students and the public benefit from Street Law.

We offer

The Street Law team of Charles University in Prague engages in various activities aimed at interactive legal education of the public. We believe that the law students are able to work with the public to the mutual benefit of both the students and the public.

Inside the Law Faculty itself, we have developed several optional courses for law students embracing the principles of Street Law, such as Teaching Law at Local High Schools or Lecturing Seminars in Consumer Literacy. These courses are accompanied by lectures on law didactics. We invite the local high school teachers to participate in our law seminars as well.

Outside the Law Faculty, we cooperate with numerous secondary schools to provide them with the necessary resources and legal expertise to pursue legal education of their students. We organize seminars, simulated court hearings and visits to local courts. On our website, teachers can find many useful materials including lesson plans, activities or educational videos that can be used to make law more accessible to non-professionals.

We are always looking for new opportunities and accepting new challenges to promote our cause.

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You can also visit us on Facebook.

We look forward to your ideas, suggestions, questions or any kind of inspiration.

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